WHM Gostovanje ::: 30. Kako preko WHM preveriti informacije strežnika in status storitev

This tutorial will show you how to check the server status of various services and find other information about the server in WHM.

Correction to Video

The video incorrectly states that the average load would be 1.0, but that is not correct. The average load would typically be around 10, because we are using very powerful processors on our servers.

View the Services Currently Running on the Server

  1. Login to WHM.
  2. Click on the Server Status link in the left column, near the top.

The Service Status Screen shows the current status of most of the major services configured to run on the server. Services that are running normally will be marked with a green dot. Services that are running but not responding normally will be marked with a yellow dot. Services that are not responding at all will be marked with a red dot.

Note: The results displayed for the Service Status screen are for the entire server. So if your account is a Reseller Account and there is an issue causing one the the services to not respond normally, the issue may be caused by one of the other accounts on the server that is not within your control. Contact our support in this event.

Some services that you may see: 

  • exim - handles sending and receiving emails.
  • pop - handles POP3 connections for checking email.
  • imap - handles IMAP connections, also for checking email.
  • httpd - handles webpage requests.
  • ftpd - handles uploading and downloading files.


Checking Server Load

  1. Login to WHM.
  2. Click on the Server Status link in the left column, near the top.

Scroll down a bit until you see information like "Server Load" and "Memory Used."

If the server appears to be responding slowly for all services, the Server Load is an indicator of whether it is because their are too many large processes running at one time on the server.

Note: For most servers normal load averages are 10 or less, but this can vary based on specific hardware configuration of a particular server. (The video says 1.0, but it is actually 10.)


Viewing Information about the Server

  1. Login to WHM.
  2. Click on the Server Information link in the left column, near the top.

The Server Information page gives us information about the specific hardware configuration of the server.

For example, you can see the processor installed on the server. Dual core processors will display as two separate but identical processors. Quad core processors will display as four separate but identical processors. Et cetera. You can also see how much RAM is installed on the server.

This page also shows more in depth information about how the hard drive is partitioned and how much disk space on each of those partitions is currently being used.

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